If you need access to money that you have lent to borrowers before they are due to pay it back, Zopa has a tool to help sell your loans to other lenders.

Do I have to pay a fee?

We charge a 1% admin fee for all successful transfers made via this tool, apart from transfer from Zopa Access (which was discontinued in 2017).

Do I have to sell all my loans?

You can use this tool to sell some or all of your loans. If you only want to access some of your money, you can select a specific amount to sell.

Will I receive all my outstanding capital back? What is a "market rate adjustment"?

There may be situations where the interest rate on loans you wish to sell is lower than the current market rates. So that other lenders can still buy those loans from you, an extra amount needs to be credited to them. This amount represents the extra interest they would expect to earn if they lent out the same amount of money in a similar loan, but at the current rate.

How do you decide which loans to sell?

In order to minimise the effect of the above mentioned credits, when you sell your loans we prioritise selling your youngest loans first. If the requested amount cannot be reached just using these loans, we will then start to transfer loans at a lower rate, starting with the smallest differences in rate.

You can sell loans that have previously been in arrears: however be aware that capital you receive for selling these types of loans may be less than you'd receive for loans that haven't ever been in arrears.

Some loans cannot be sold: find out more about loans which are ineligible for sale.

We can't guarantee you'll be able to access the full amount you've requested via this loan sale. Some of your loans may be ineligible for sale, or other investors may not be available to buy them at this time. If, after multiple attempts, we're unable to sell them we'll let you know we're taking the loans off the market, and you can choose to wait until they mature, or attempt to sell your eligible loans again another time.

How do I sell my loans?

You can sell your loans by signing into your Zopa lending account and selecting the ‘Access my money' button.

How does selling loans work?

Much like when you invest new money into Zopa, selling loans has two distinct stages: queuing and attempting sale.

First your request is added to the queue. Then, when it gets to the front, we make multiple attempts to find the right buyer/s for your loan/s.

Please note, we can’t always guarantee you’ll be able to sell your loans, as sales are dependent on demand from other investors.

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