We can tell you some of the main reasons why we decline a loan application, but we can't tell you exactly why we couldn't approve your loan.

This is a security measure which helps keep Zopa and our customers safe.

We understand that it can feel frustrating, so please have a look at the list below, and you might see one or more which could relate to you.

  • Your existing level of unsecured debt (if it's high, we may say no)
  • The amount of information in your credit file (if there's not much to see, we may say no)
  • The affordability of the loan in your financial circumstances (if you have limited disposable income, we may say no)
  • Evidence that you've paid off credit on time in the past (if there's little evidence, we may say no)
  • Your credit score, as reported by TransUnion and Equifax (if it's low, we may say no)
  • Whether you've applied for a Zopa loan in the past 6 months (if you've done that, we will always say no)

It's not the end of the road. You're welcome to reapply for a Zopa loan after 6 months. Please keep in mind, you won't be able to apply if you try again sooner than this.

Struggling with debt?

If you'd like to get free and impartial advice, the team of experts at debt charity StepChange are here to help. Call them free on 0800 138 1111.

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