Sorry we couldn’t offer you a loan right now. For security reasons, we can’t tell you exactly why. 

There are a few things we look at when we make a decision, including your credit history and your financial situation. Please have a look at the list below, and you might see one or two which could relate to you.

We may say no, if:

● Your existing level of unsecured debt is high
● There’s not enough information in your credit file
● Your level of disposable income is low
● There’s not enough proof that you’ve managed credit well in the past
● Your credit score is low, according to TransUnion and Equifax
● You've applied for a loan with us in the past 6 months 

It's not the end of the road. You can always reapply for a Zopa loan after 6 months. 

Please keep in mind, you won't be able to apply if you try again sooner than this.

If you’re struggling with money at the moment, there is free impartial financial advice on hand 

There are not-for-profit organisations you can contact for financial advice. The two below are impartial, confidential and free.  

National Debtline: Call 0800 808 4000, Monday to Friday 9am-8pm. 

StepChange: Call 0800 138 1111, Monday to Friday 8am-8pm or Saturday 8am-4pm.  

Borrowing Power could help you get a “yes” next time

If you do decide to reapply in the future, our Borrowing Power tool could help you to improve your chances of getting a “yes”. It’s completely free and available through the Zopa app.

It shows your credit health as a 1-10 rating along with tailored tips to improve. So you’ll know exactly what you need to do to boost your chances of getting approved with us next time. 

Discover your Borrowing Power

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